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If you have your own poker stream on Twitch and it already has gathered some regular viewers, maybe it’s time to think about monetizing. There are a number of ways to make some money. You should explore different possibilities and see what works best. In this article, we will give you a couple of suggestions that have proven to be a viable way to monetize your Twitch poker channel.

Become a Twitch Partner

This is probably the most obvious and efficient way to make money with your stream. Apply to the Twitch partnership program and wait for approval. If that happens, you will instantly start earning from different sources. For example, you will earn a share of all the revenue generated from your channel.
Another benefit is that you can set up a subscription plan. People will then be able to support you by paying a monthly fee and will get some minor special privileges like subscribers chat, no ads, custom emoticons, and more.

Become An Affiliate

A great way to earn some money is to become an affiliate of some of the poker sites out there. Just put some links in your channel’s description, share a few words about that on your streams and if people sign up, you will get a share of their rake. Most poker sites don’t require much to accept your application and some could actually contact you first if you have lots of people watching.

It is not necessary to limit yourself to poker rooms only. There are other services that you could promote, like poker software or some poker community websites. Still, we highly recommend you to actually work with services you genuinely believe are worth it. Otherwise, you can easily lose viewers and damage your reputation.

Earn Sponsorship For Your Poker Action

If you become popular enough, you could actually earn a sponsorship. Both poker rooms or third parties might be interested in buying some of you action. This will allow you to play high stakes cash games or tournaments, try new formats and so on.

Remember, if you’re successful on Twitch, you become your own brand. This opens many doors in the poker industry.