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Twitch superstar and PokerStars team member Kevin Martin just entered the Canadian edition of the popular TV Show Big Brother for the second time. He already tried his luck in the third edition of the reality format and managed to last 49 days before being eliminated. This time around, the show starts on March 15th and will go on till May. It will be broadcasted by BBC and the format includes 8 new contestants and 8 people that got a second chance, including Kevin.

Martin has always been a huge fan of Big Brother and hopes to win in his second attempt. In a recent interview, Kevin shared that he will certainly miss his regular life, including his Twitch channel and grinding on a daily basis. However, he is determined to do his best and try to go all the way this time. The winner in the fifth edition of Big Brother will take a home a juicy prize of $100,000.

Kevin’s followers on Twitch will have to cope without his entertaining streams and positive attitude, but they could watch him in the show. One of the things he loves about it is interacting with the other contestants and trying to find the best strategy to reach the final. Considering his skills on the poker table, Kevin seems more than prepared to face the challenges of Big Brother. Let’s wish him good luck as he is one of the best ambassadors of poker out there.

This is not the first time a famous poker player enters Big Brother. Vanessa Rousso managed to finish third in the US edition of the reality show and this is the best performance by a gambler so far. It seems that poker players have a thing about reality shows. The likes of Jean-Robert Bellande, Anna Khait, Garrett Adelstein, and Jim Rice have all competed in Survivor before.