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Bill Perkins is one of the most interesting people in the poker world. The guy’s a wealthy hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, film producer, amateur poker player, and one of the rising stars when it comes to streaming. It’s safe to say that Bill is hyperactive when it comes to the things he loves.

Fortunately, poker and streaming in particular is among them. His latest borderline crazy idea is to create something like a streaming paradise. He’s starting a sail with a boat full of poker players and streamers that will go to the Virgin Islands. From there, they will broadcast tons of poker, mostly high stakes.

The crew includes Perkins himself, Jaime Staples, Matt Staples, and Jeff Gross. They will go to the Virgin Islands March 22-29. The plan is just to enjoy life and stream from Perkins’s yacht. It’s going to be one hell of a party and it will be broadcasted live for those who want to see what’s going on.

The funny thing is that there was room for one more person on the boat. Since Bill Perkins wanted to spice things up, there was actually a giveaway one PokerStars that awarded the ticket to some random guy. This lucky person is going to become part of the adventure and the host will cover his bill. Imagine partying and playing poker with these guys for a full week! Sigh, the author of this piece is certainly a bit jealous.

Still, the whole experience would be broadcasted live for everyone to watch. We highly recommend you to tune in and see one of the most unique poker streams so far. Let’s hope that Bill Perkins continues with his crazy ideas and keep making stuff like that on a regular basis. It’s a great way to show the fun side of poker and the good life around it.

You can find the Twitch Channel of Bill Perkins here.