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You’ve probably seen some of the successful poker streamers and decided to go for it yourself. You believe that you can create original content that excites people and it is time to start a Twitch channel.

This could be a good idea and the platform is working well for the good streamers out there. It might be easy to start, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to be successful. In this article, we will give you a couple of tips that can help you in this regard.

Get The Technical Stuff Right

This aspect of streaming is often overlooked by many people. Getting a proper microphone, ensuring you have a stable Internet connection and other technical details are crucial for Twitch. You want to provide you watchers with a stream of a good visual and audio quality. Even the most valuable content out there won’t get you far on its own, if your viewers are having issues all the time.

Come Up With A Regular Schedule

Consistency is key and if you want your audience to grow, you will need to stream often. That doesn’t mean you should be online every day for 16 hours, but you should provide content regularly. If your viewers are bored, there’s a good chance they will check the competition and you’ll lose them to someone else. Also, it’s good to stick to a relatively similar time frames so your audience knows when to expect you.

Be Interactive

Engaging your audience is the key to success. If your stream only shows you playing poker and barely saying anything, you have no chance. Share your thought process, try to follow the chat and see what the users think. Respond to meaningful questions and requests, try to sneak a joke or two. People should feel as a part of the whole thing.

Use Delay

The danger of snipers that will watch your stream and take advantage is real. Especially if you’re playing high stakes poker. Make sure to set a delay of at least a couple of minutes to your Twitch broadcast. Usually, the likes of 4-5 minutes should be enough to protect you.

Engage With Other Streamers

If you manage to become a part of the poker streamers community, this could bring you great benefits. Try to reach out some of the other guys out there and create some content with. Stuff like podcasts, discussing poker news together, and so on could help you become more popular and grow your audience.