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If you have a Twitch channel, you already know that keeping your audience engaged is the key to success. You should try to reach them in all kinds of ways, so the people become a part of the whole experience, not just bystanders.
The most common way to do so is to explain your decisions on the poker table, follow the chat and try to be responsive to the messages there. However, there are other ways to spice things up and motivate your viewers to become an active part of your channel. This way you can build a long-lasting community which should be your main goal on Twitch.

Create Special Events

A great way to engage people would be to organize some special events. For example, a private tournament or a private cash game somewhere. It could be a freeroll or you could add some cash prizes on top of the regular prize pools. If you manage to take part in it, you could even give a bounty to the person that knocks you out. This will be exciting for your readers and create some value for them, so make sure to explore the possibilities.
Add Live Polls

This one’s a bit tricky when it comes to poker streams, but it works very well. Add a quick poll and let your users decide what to do in a certain situation. Let’s say you’re stuck in a hand and don’t really know if you should call/fold. Add a quick poll and let the viewers decide. This will certainly make them feel useful and part of the whole decision-making process.

Create Contests

The best example in this regard would be something like a “hand of the week” contest. Encourage people to send you a video/screenshot of some interesting poker hand. Determine one or a couple of winners each week and show their hands live. People will feel proud to have their names mentioned and this creates additional interesting content you can use. You could also throw in some prizes live free subscription for a month for even more excitement.

Chat Games

You’ll probably need chat moderators to help you with something like that. However, chat games are a certain way to keep your audience engaged. It could be everything – from simple questions to complicated poker hands to discuss.