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Success doesn’t just come because we want it to and it’s rarely ever a random occurrence. Being successful in any field requires work and conscious efforts at improvement. Everyone’s idea of success looks a bit different, but there are some surprisingly similar steps in our paths to success even when they lead to different outcomes.

As a professional poker player, you may not have the 9-5 job that many people talk about when they mention success, but you do have a job that takes a lot of work for improvement. The poker mental game takes as much or more practice as your poker strategy. Success can come to those players who put in the right kind of energy and efforts.


These are some of the habits of people who are very successful in their work and life in general. Mimicking some of these habits might just help you to bring success to your life as well:

  1. Wake up earlier. Sleep early.

Rest is important for every part of your life. Your mental and physical health will improve, your energy levels will increase, and you’ll probably feel more optimistic as well. Waking up early helps you to take hold of the most productive part of the day, but it’s almost impossible to do well if you don’t also sleep early. Improving your sleep could improve your poker psychology and help you get the right poker mindset before each and every game.

  1. Plan your day early on.

You may have a rough idea of what you would like to accomplish during a certain day, but unless you plan out your time and write down what you want to do there is not much of a chance you’ll end up doing it.

  1. Get your blood pumping.

Exercising for even just 10 minutes per day will help to get the blood moving in your body, making you feel more lively, energetic, and awake throughout the day. Good blood flow helps your brain to function properly and your body to keep up with it. It’s a lot easier to work towards accomplishing goals and to get into the right frame of mind when you take a little time to exercise.

  1. Read more.

Reading helps you to learn constantly. When you stop taking in helpful information and learning daily, your brain will be less capable of learning and thinking quickly in the future. Avoid this mental decay by reading often. Even 1 hour of reading per day will be beneficial to you! If you want to use this time to help improve your game, you can read poker mental coaching guidebooks or 2+2 forums on poker strategy that you can apply to your work for greater success.

  1. Work, even when you’re not feeling like it.

Some days you just want to relax and you may have absolutely no interest in your work. Even if you love your job, sometimes your mind just wants a break. When these days come along, practice the art of focus and force yourself to continue working. If you can work for at least 15 minutes straight, your mind will probably be able to get back on the right track and continue on from there.

  1. Practice dedication.

Dedicate yourself to improving your poker mental game and physical game. All the best athletes and business people have set aside a lot of time to do something to improve their work. Some athletes wake up early to practice more, some business people spend an extra hour at the office to learn as much as possible about the company, etc. What can you do to dedicate yourself to further skill in your work? Practicing dedication could one day lead you to that Pokerstars tournament win you’ve been hoping for!

  1. Invest resources into yourself.

Self improvement is the quickest way to success. Devote resources to improving yourself. This could include things like going to conferences, taking classes, receiving poker mental coaching, eating better, buying new clothes or spending more on your upkeep, and anything else you can do to be the best version of yourself.

  1. Don’t spend all your time working.

Where will you get your poker motivation if you spend all your time around the table? Get out of work mode sometimes and focus on things that have nothing to do with your profession. Your real motivation doesn’t come from working constantly, but usually is inspired by doing something outside of work to recharge and refresh.

  1. Listen to your instincts.

Those who are successful don’t usually get that way by following advice and hard thinking all the time. Sometimes they have a gut feeling about something. Choosing to follow your instinct can be a great decision and it is worth taking the time to do it on a regular basis, especially if your gut is known to be pretty reliable!

  1. Rid yourself of the fear of saying “no”.

Many people don’t like to say “no” to anyone else when they’re asked to do all kinds of things. Unfortunately, this habit can bog you down and make you extremely unproductive over time. It’s best to teach yourself how to evaluate the options placed in front of you and then learn to say “no” when you need to focus on one thing rather than many things at once. You won’t be able to operate a good poker strategy if you’re constantly worrying about getting something done right or when you’ll have time to do something.



Professional poker is a challenging career field, but just like any other career you can find success if you’re willing to adapt your life into a more successful lifestyle. Taking on a few of these 10 habits of successful people is a great way to start working towards your poker goals and making real progress.

Be careful not to attempt all of these lifestyle changes as once, as you will most likely not be able to maintain that many changes at once. Try to start with one or two of the simple changes and go on to the next one only when the changes you’ve made have become daily, consistent habits.