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NL 6-max – NL50 teaching session with coach W34z3l • Finest poker teaching

Essential factors on this video:

zero:00 Cbet the center pair within the pots 3bet towards 2 opponents or not
10:14 Name of the fold preflop with the AK dealing with the chilly 4bet allin
12:29 Name or bend with a proper after a check-raise on the river in a harmful portray
20:34 Bluff caught on the river or not vs a triple barrel with 2nd pair when all attracts are missed
31:58 On the 4th card of a set, test the decision of the river or fold with the very best pair
41:49 Guess on the flip or test forwards and backwards towards a decent opponent when all attracts are accomplished
49:16 Bluff catches the river with a excessive or not
54:16 A wager on the river or not with 2 pairs vs. 2 opponents on the finish of the sport. a flush


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