Poker Game

UR Tempo + Threat Issue – Trendy – October three, 2018

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2 abrade
2 mountain
four Delver of Secrets and techniques
1 strand flooded
2 Grim Lavamancer
2 islands
four lightning
four choose
four Mutavault
four agile obstructionist
three danger issue
four Tarn scalding
four mage Snapcaster
1 wandering fumarole
four Spirebluff Canal
three steam vents
three lightning strikes
1 wooded foothills
four wizard's flash
three soul scar mage
1 misty tropical forest

2 alpine moon
2 contemptuous stroke
2 Izzet Staticaster
1 abrade
2 Negotiate
2 ionize
2 Ceremonial Rejection
2 Dispel

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