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Stay Stream # 126.1: Pleased Pi Day!

Pleased Pi Day!

ðŸŽĨ Stay Stream Half 2:

26:05 – Coding problem: estimate of the worth of Pi
1:33:58 – Coding Problem: Visualize Pi

🔗 Peek in Pi:
Refer me for a charity half marathon !: campaign/the-lower-eastside-girls-club-nyc-half-2018/shiffman
🔗 Chronology of the calculation of π:
🔗 Pi's illustration:
🔗 1 billion Pi digits:
Ion Million Pi Digits:

M STEMcoding celebrates the day Pi !: Https://
Processing Studying:
ðŸŽĨ Pi is gorgeous by Numberphile:
ðŸŽĨ Calculate Pi by hand by standupmaths:

🚂 Web site:
💖 Patreon:
🛒 Retailer:
Suggestions Guide suggestions:

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ðŸŽĨ For an introduction to programming:
Watch To observe archived reside streams:
ðŸŽĨ For extra coding challenges:



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