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"I believe there’s a beer for everybody"

Winner of the 2017 Spirit of Poker Rising Star Award, Espen Uhlen Jørstad is a person of many skills.

Among the many many expertise of that we realized in a earlier interview there was one particularly that sparked our curiosity.

Jørstad not solely holds a bachelor's diploma in meals science, however he additionally pursued his research and obtained a grasp's diploma in brewery science.

Grasp of Brewing Science

So, he is aware of how one can do – and suggest – good beers. It's one thing we wanted to know extra about.

PokerListings: Are you able to inform us once more how you had been in beer, particularly as a career?

Espen Uhlen Jørstad: I used to be finding out meals science and know-how on the college in Norway. We have now studied issues like meat, dairy merchandise and beer, and the other ways of working with them.

I did my internship at a Norwegian brewery the place I met a number of beer geeks, clearly. (smile) They don’t seem to be occupied with ingesting beer to get drunk – they won’t drink a pack of six Heineken only for enjoyable.

As an alternative, they'll simply drink one or two higher beers, benefit from the expertise and talk about flavors, and many others. It was a little bit of a revelation to me as a result of till then I had by no means thought of beer that means. I discovered it very attention-grabbing.

 Espen beer brewer Uhlen Jorstad "data-class =" image-position "data-cropping =" "Width": "800", "Top": "800", "CropX": "zero "," CropY ":" zero "," CropWidth ":" 800 "," CropHeight ":" 800 "," Orientation ":" full "," CroppedImageUrl ":" "," ResizedCroppedImageUrl ":" "," OptimizedCroppedImageUrl ":" property / Uploads / _resampled / ResizedImage_320_320__NWM-Espen_Uhlen_Jorstad_beer_brewer.jpg "," ImageSize ":" medium "" /> </a></p>
<p> IPA brewing on the Norwegian brewery Waldemars Brygghus. </p>
<p> PL: You had been then a course of technician in a Norwegian brewery. What precisely is that this job? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> First, I completed my grasp's diploma and wrote my thesis for this brewery. Mainly, my thesis was about creating a brand new beer for the brewery, making an attempt out all of the totally different flavors, recipes and extra. </p>
<p> First, you must select the model of beer you wish to create, you then analysis the options of that model. For instance, we selected a beer, so we studied the right traits – the mousse, the aroma, the bitterness, the colour, the alcohol content material, and so forth. </p>
<p> Then, from there, you’re employed backwards to find out how one can meet these standards. For bitterness and aromas, you’re employed largely with hops; for alcohol, you want sugars, as you get malts. </p>
<p> In some beers, it’s advisable to make use of added sugar as for Trappist monasteries. However a lot of the beers you discover in supermarkets which have added sugar are cheaper and cheaper. </p>
<p> Along with figuring out the quantity of components and malt you need, you also needs to decide how lengthy you must crush the malt with water, how lengthy does it take to boil it , the temperatures … </p>
<p> You then determine how a lot residual sugars you need for extra sweetness or extra alcohol. </p>
<p> And sure, I grew to become a course of technician. I used to be just about the assistant brewmaster. </p>
<p> I labored on many initiatives within the brewery and within the laboratory with microbiological, chemical and sensory analyzes. It's actually very scientific in a laboratory with a white coat and the whole lot! (laughs) </p>
<p> PL: After that, you most popular to work alone and begin a craft beers enterprise. So why in Budapest? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> Once I began my masters diploma with some buddies, the plan was at all times to create our personal craft beer firm. </p>
<p> However the microbrewery market in Norway was utterly saturated; there was no less than one new microbrewery open each week, it was loopy. We really see the impact at the moment as a result of a lot of them go bankrupt. So we determined to keep away from the Norwegian market. </p>
<p><a class=  Baltazar beer "data-class =" image-position-alt "cropping =" "Width": "250", "Top": "433", "CropX": "zero", "CropY" ":" zero "," CropWidth ":" 243.6328125 "," CropHeight ":" 433 "," Orientation ":" portrait "," CroppedImageUrl ":" property / Uploads / _resampled / CroppedImage_0_0_243.6328125_433__NWM-Baltazar_beer.jpg ", "ResizedCroppedImageUrl": "property / Uploads / _resampled / ResizedCroppedImage_0_0_180_320__NWM-Baltazar_beer.jpg", "OptimizedCroppedImageUrl": "", "ImageSize": "medium" "/> </a></p>
<p> "Hungary was a very good start line for us." </p>
<p> We checked out different markets and my associate knew somebody in Budapest who already owned a microbrewery. It was a very good start line for us to work on our recipes and put together them first. </p>
<p> I additionally had a Hungarian girlfriend on the time, who lived with me in Norway and he or she was clearly very enthusiastic about returning to Hungary. The craft beer was nonetheless very new in Hungary on the time, so it was a extremely cool marketplace for us. </p>
<p> PL: How did it go? You instructed us earlier that you simply put the challenge on maintain due to poker. The place is he now? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> Proper now we’ve an inactive internet web page, we’ve recipes prepared and we’ve a brand, however that's about it. </p>
<p> We produced a beer, a stout with vanilla and occasional. It was a particular Christmas beer with an alcohol content material of 9%; very darkish, known as <strong> Baltazar </strong>. I believe it's nonetheless in manufacturing as a result of it was co-produced with my associate's uncle brewery. </p>
<p> PL: What’s the secret of a very good brewer? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> It's a very good query. I believe it's solely about not being afraid to attempt lots. I can’t say that the whole lot revolves round creativity as a result of it's simply not true. </p>
<p> Clearly, it helps if you happen to drink beer, as a result of you understand the flavors and you understand the market. You recognize what's trendy at one level. </p>
<p> Most brewers I like, those that are identified for his or her data, are as a result of they've been in the marketplace for 20 years and that they've tried and tried once more. </p>
<p> They know precisely what’s going to occur in the event that they improve the temperature of the mash by two levels, let the espresso boil for one more 20 minutes or they add or subtract some hops or malt. </p>
<p> PL: What's an important factor you've realized about beer (and that individuals could not know)? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> I might say that individuals ought to attempt a number of totally different beers. The craft beer continues to be minor in lots of European markets, possibly 1 or 2% of the market, so I might advise individuals to attempt craft beers. </p>
<p> Beer produced in bulk is actually beer with solely minor variations. So exit and take a look at totally different beers, discover craft bars in your metropolis and style totally different kinds. </p>
<p> Ask the bartender. he’ll information you in the fitting route after which you might be hooked. (laughs) </p>
<p> PL: Are you able to inform us extra about what you name the "microbrewery and craft beer tradition?" </p>
<p><a class=  craft beer "data-class =" image-position "data-cropping =" "Width": "620", "Top": "413", "CropX": "zero", "CropY" ":" zero "," CropWidth ":" 618.9491525423729 "," CropHeight ":" 413 "," Orientation ":" full "," CroppedImageUrl ":" "," ResizedCroppedImageUrl ":" "," OptimizedCroppedImageUrl ":" property / Uploads / _resampled / ResizedImage_320_213.16129032258__NWM-home_made_beer.jpg "," ImageSize ":" medium "" /> </a></p>
<p> The place it began Lavatory on the bottom ground on the college </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> The tradition is predicated on expertise and flavors, the invention of recent flavors, new aromas, the exploration of various sensations, the dialogue and, after all, the individuals. </p>
<p> Most geeks write notes, observe beers on apps, go to festivals to find new beers … it's a extremely attention-grabbing neighborhood. </p>
<p> PL: What’s your favourite beer? Your favourite beer? And one of the best beer you might have ever drunk? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> It relies upon lots on my state of affairs and the 12 months. If I’m in Malta and it’s 35 ° outdoors, I can’t drink an imperial stout aged in cask with 12% alcohol as a result of it’s too heavy. I desire to have a Heineken to be trustworthy. (laughs) </p>
<p> Extra severely, in the summertime I like Belgian bitter beers or lighter LPIs, refreshing beers. In winter, in Norway, in entrance of a fireside watching a film, I would like a darker beer like a stout, a doorman or maybe a barley wine. </p>
<p> If I actually had to decide on a beer that  me at first, which I discovered totally different, I might select the beer <strong> # 500 </strong> by a Norwegian brewery known as <strong> Nøgne Ø </strong>. It’s an imperial IPA containing 10% alcohol and 5 several types of hops and malt. </p>
<p> It's very advanced and it has a number of attention-grabbing flavors, it's actually scrumptious. However aside from that, I can’t select a "favourite". I've had so many "good" beers that it's onerous to search out one that basically stands out. But listed below are a few of my favorites that you’ll find in Europe: </p>
<p><strong> # 1: </strong> <strong> Oude Kriek </strong> – Bitter cherry beer from the legendary Belgian brewery <strong> Brouwerij Three Fonteinen </strong>.<br />
<strong> # 2: </strong> <strong> Spresso </strong> – Imperial Espresso Stout Brewery Based mostly in London <strong> Beavertown </strong>.<br />
<strong> # Three: </strong> <strong> Yang </strong> – Double IPA of the Danish brewer based mostly in New York <strong> Evil Twin </strong>.<br />
<a class=  beercation vlog NYC "data-class =" image-position-alt "knowledge reframing ="  "/> </a></p>
<p> Sampling of enormous American beers. </p>
<p> PL: Do Norwegians drink a number of beer? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> Sure, however nonetheless far lower than the key beer-consuming international locations just like the Czech Republic, Denmark or Germany. </p>
<p> In the event you take a look at the statistics, we’re far behind our neighbors in Denmark for instance. (laughs) </p>
<p> In Norway, alcohol is so closely taxed that in Sweden the acquisition of a Norwegian beer could be half as a lot as shopping for in Norway. </p>
<p> In Norway, craft beer grew to become very fashionable simply 5 years in the past, whereas in Denmark, it has been taking place for no less than 9 years. And much more in the USA. </p>
<p> I believe that in the USA, craft beers make up 20% of the market, then about 7% in Denmark and virtually 5% in Norway. However in Europe, the whole lot continues to be new and general, I believe most of Europe is way behind. </p>
<p> In the USA, home brewing grew to become very fashionable within the 1980s when it was legalized, resulting in microbreweries, then competitions, and so forth. </p>
<p> They’ve among the finest beers on this planet. For instance, San Diego, California, and Portland, Oregon, are two of one of the best beer cities on this planet. Even among the finest "Belgian model beers" come from the USA. </p>
<p> PL: A Norwegian (or Scandinavian) beer that you’d suggest? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> I can provide you my three favourite Norwegian beers: </p>
<p><a class=  500 beers per Nogne Ø 2 "data-class =" image-position "data-cropping =" "Width": "620", "Top": "412", "CropX": "195.Three "," CropY ":" zero "," CropWidth ":" 231.91875000000002 "," CropHeight ":" 412 "," Orientation ":" portrait "," CroppedImageUrl ":" property / Uploads / _resampled / CroppedImage_195.3_0_231.91875000000002_412__NWM -500_beer_by_Nogne_O_2.jpg "," ResizedCroppedImageUrl ":" property / Uploads / _resampled / ResizedCroppedImage_195.3_0_180_320__NWM-500_beer_by_Nogne_O_2.jpg "," OptimizedCroppedImageUrl ":" "," ImageSize ":" medium "" /> </a></p>
<p> "# 500 is the beer that  me in beer … advanced, scrumptious and ideal." </p>
<p><strong> # 1: </strong> <strong> # 500 </strong> – Double flawless IPA from the biggest craft brewery in Norway, <strong> Nøgne Ø </strong>.<br />
<strong> # 2: </strong> <strong> The Shaman Aztec Stout </strong> – Scrumptious dry stout brewed with smoked chipotle peppers, habanero peppers and uncooked cocoa beans from the brand new brewery <strong> Austmann </strong> ].<br />
<strong> # Three: </strong> <strong> Tasty Juice </strong> – New England-style IPA, very fruity and recent, from the Stavanger brewery <strong> Lervig </strong>.</p>
<p> PL: Do you suppose that the standpoint on beer has modified? And that we see increasingly more like a gastronomic factor like wine? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> Wine nonetheless had the picture of drink and beer as a extra "boisterous" drink. However I believe it modifications a bit now, as a result of the beer is simply as advanced and attention-grabbing because the wine and the flavour spectrum could be very vast. </p>
<p> I believe there’s a beer for everybody. When individuals inform me that they don’t like beer, I at all times inform them that they simply haven’t discovered the beer that they like. </p>
<p> Beer is the whole lot from fruity beers like lambic or Belgian donuts to 60% alcohol-distilled beers that you simply drink in brandy glasses. </p>
<p> PL: Can we nonetheless consider them as beers? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> Technically, it’s nonetheless a beer whether it is brewed with barley, yeast, water and hops. Similar factor for ice-cold beers, though you may argue if it's possibly extra of a liquor. </p>
<p> Basically, they freeze it in a machine, scrape it, freeze it time and again … The brewery that was well-known after the primary brew was <strong> BrewDog </strong> from Scotland with their darkish beer known as <strong> Tactical nuclear penguin </strong> or 32% of ABV. </p>
<p> In addition they have a quadruple IPA at 41%, tremendous hoppy. It has a style of pure hops cocktail. These are very attention-grabbing beers. </p>
<p> PL: What's one of the best beer to drink whereas enjoying poker? </p>
<p><a class=  Beer retailer in Amsterdam "data-class =" image-position-alt "crop:"  "/> </a></p>
<p> "There’s a beer for everybody, attempt it!" </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> With out alcohol! (Laughs). However if you happen to actually wish to drink alcohol, I might recommend one that’s gentle in alcohol, like a berlin or a pale beer. </p>
<p> No more than Three-Four%! Not less than if you wish to win. In the event you simply wish to have enjoyable, it doesn’t matter. (laughs) </p>
<p> PL: Do you know that there’s a Colombian beer known as poker? It’s a beer produced by Bavaria, one of many leaders of Bogota. </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> I’ve by no means heard of that one however I’ve had a number of beers with poker associated names like "Ace on the River" and so forth. It's advertising and marketing however I’ve to confess it really works. </p>
<p> I at all times attempt them after I see them. And normally they aren’t good. (laughs) </p>
<p> PL: An anecdote about beer or one thing you wish to add? A council possibly? </p>
<p> <strong> EUJ: </strong> I’ve some ideas and it's quite simple: if you wish to purchase beer, simply obtain RateBeer or Untappd and also you'll see how excessive beers are rated. </p>
<p> With beer, there's no option to know the standard of a beer except you really know the brewery, in order that's actually useful. </p>
<p> In any other case, I might merely say that individuals ought to merely attempt many alternative beers. For poker gamers who journey lots, don’t be fooled by what you understand, be adventurous. Ask bartenders or beer geeks and take a look at! </p>
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